Rumor: Intel's Core i7 to Launch with 2.66GHZ, 2.93GHz, and 3.2GHz Parts



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I think that this line

burn that the chip maker's hot running Penryn put on end users

should have Prescott instead.  Penryn are 45 nm Core2 chips; the Prescott was a 90 nm design well known for their excessive heat output.



anyone know if 2 proc boards can be built for this? u could stick 2 of the cheapest ones together and have more processing power than u'd ever need.



I know what I want for Christmas!



Well yeah, but you might want to consider waiting for the next rev of chips.  i mean look at the Q6600, the first revs of it ran hot and didnt OC as well.  But with the G0 version, they are the best budget chip out there.  So IMHO, it would be better to wait for Intel to get the kinks out of the chips before buying one.  But who knows, I could be wrong and they ship with great quality and lots of OC headroom. 

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