Rumor: Intel Releasing Faster Energy Efficient Core i7 CPU this Summer



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Ok, so this is total garbage. What makes this i7, the i5 6 series and the i3's different now? Nothing. All of them are dual core, all of them are hyperthreaded, and all of them have on board video controllers. The i7 860 was only an i5 750 with an extra feature. If you buy an i7, just get the 920, it's not too much more expensive, and you get a higher end socket that will be used for high end computing. Now people will go "My desktop at work has an i7" and it will sound cool, and people who don't do their research will be hooped going "WOW! A CHEAP i7!!! IT CAN'T BE THAT BAD!" and getting something that the i3 and i5 6 series is equivalent to. I don't know if Intel realizes this, but they're making the "Core I" series confusing for us retailers.

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