Rumor: Intel to Release Larger Capacity, Lower Cost SSDs



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The drives released today with no 320gb version, only 80gb and 160gb. The 80gb drive is priced at $224 and the 160gb drive is $440. It looks unlikely that a 320gb desktop drive will be released by intel any time soon. The drives supposedly have a faster 4kb random write speed as well as slightly lower read and write latency. The other numbers apear to be unchanged.



I can't say much, especially since I do not know much.  However, I am interning at Intel and there is word that the new drives will come out in the coming months.  I have no clue when that is exactly, but I hope they keep their promise of launching it before my internship ends.  In fact, the employee store isn't selling the current SSDs because they want us to purchase the bigger, more cost-effective drives.  Hopefully the prices are more reasonable than before...



The X25-M is MLC-based...It's the X25-E that's SLC based.

I just hope the performance of the new drives are the about the same as the X25-M at least, if not better. (Especially for random writes.)



These drives, along with thier CPU's, will still cost you your 1st born. When they reach levels of that of standard HDD's cost wise, then I'll purchase one that's not intel branded.



 They are ready to release larger, cheaper, multilayered drives soon.

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