Rumor: Intel is Ready to Announce a Six-Core Chip



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Talcum X

 I wonder if the whole consept of the production yeild will hold true or not, when they stated it was more practical to get a good pair of dual cores to make a quad than to try and get 4 good ones on a single wafer.  Something they mocked AMD for venturing and pointed fingers at when the "tri-core" emerged for that very reason.  Now they are going to attempt it.  I wonder when the ODD numbered core procs will emerge from the Intel line to salvage those that didnt make spec.


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Wouldn't it be an interesting turn if that is why they have a six core?  An eight core with two bad cores?



...  Do you mind me asking where you purchased your Intel 8-core?  I'd love to have one.

Last I heard, the first 8-core from Intel is going to be Beckton, which is due sometime, uh...  Later.  I've seen estimates ranging from late this year to early 2009.  As this is going to be released substantially BEFORE the actual octo-core ends up being released, I don't think this a case of "saving" partially bad chips in order to increase yields.

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