Rumor: Infinity Ward's Next Modern Warfare to be a Prequel Based on Ghost



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Another Modern Warfare game that is identical to the previous versions.

Not even interested but I'm sure it'll sell like hotcakes anyways.


I Jedi

Half the Infinity Ward team leaves, and now they're spewing the idea of making another Modern Warfare 3 game. It's ridicilous to tell you in the least. I mean, seriously, who the frak, up act Activision, is making this dumb decision to go forth with the next Modern Warfare game? Yes, yes, Activision is a bunch of money-loving, kiss-my-ass haters towards gamers right next to Ubisoft; however, this is a terrible move to try to keep the series going. Modern Warfare was good because it had talent, and now that talen has moved on, it's going to be very hard to replace it.



Are they ever going to make a Call of Duty based on a real war ever again?



You mean the new Medal of Honor game that just came out? That kind of real war?

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