Rumor: HP to Launch 3G-enabled Mini-Note in June



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Keith E. Whisman

The article above says that the Mini-note 2150 is a netbook and in my book that means it's crap. I do however miss the old Sony mini laptop. That thing was fully featured and I believe it came with an external USB CDRom and the HDD size was limited. I think that Sony quit selling them here in the states but still sells them and are extremely even still popular in Japan of all places. Now the old Mini Sony laptop was very neat and I wanted one even back then. They had fairly powerfull CPU's. I imagine a no holds barred Mini Laptop can be made fully featured now with a large HDD and lots of ram and a fairly decent sounding set of speakers. A low powered Nvidia or ATI IGP would take care of the graphics far better than Intel could ever do. That is why Intel got into the business of making Ultra Low Power CPU's was for the Mini Laptop market that dried up. Good thing they kept working on ULP Chips.

Of course a Mini Laptop will be capable of running most if not all of your office related software. And the display will offer good resolutions. Damn did I say I miss the old mini laptops?  



Funny how all the comments seem to be panning the device.  These guys obviously are confusing the HP 2133 series with the Eee netbooks and other first generation devices. I use a Mini-note daily and it's the only "netbook" with a near full sized keyboard and high resolution screen.  I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 and Vista (came pre-loaded) in a dual boot with 2 gb of RAM and it's pretty speedy.  No, it's not a desktop replacement and I'm not playing anything better than OpenArena on it, but for those of us trying to actually get work done on the go, it's been a great thing to keep with me on the road.  I could use a slightly larger screen, but just like "when the music is too loud, you're too old" if you're really grumpy about the 9 inch screen, then get some bifocals or don't buy one.  I'll take the better battery life every time.  I'd rather have WiMax support than 3G down the road, but I'd like to have a usable WiMax network near me, too, so if I really needed to connect anywhere 3G is the only real choice.  For now I'm satisfied with the 802.11g support on mine and the durable alumnium case.  I'd also recommend the Lenovo Idea Book netbooks.  The keyboard is the same tiny device as other netbooks, but the screens are the best I've seen in this class of machine. 



I never thought I'd say this about something technology related, but I'm getting positively sick of all these "netbooks" . I swear each week I read there is a new one coming out by someone who doesn't even make PC's. These things are cute and all, but seriously, that 10 inch screen is murder. It's barely possible to type up a document with out hitting 50 wrong keys much less surf the web for more than 5 minutes at a time. I could live with 13 inches, but another 10 inch batch is enough.



i think they are pretty good if you are going to plug them into your own monitor, keyboard and mouse at home. if you need a portable computer thats small enough to be convient to take to class these are pretty tight because they are light too.



as if wireless wasnt bad enough, now we get 3G....I wonder how hard it is to listen in on a 3G network   :)



Great, another tool that people can charge data transfer for..or for the lame kids who think "i'm cool to be on facebook and msn/yahoo/icq (or whatever the hell else there is) all day long..." or the people who think that facebook is breaking news every 30 minutes. Or the new craze...twitter.

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