Rumor: Hewlett-Packard Kills Microsoft Tablet Project (Slate)



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I believe this is the reason that the slate will get delayed. I would still rather have Windows 7 on it regardless though.


Electronically charged


Michael Ellis

If they are putting a cell phone OS in the tablet instead of a computer OS, it is probably because the hardware is not up to snuff. You at least have to give HP credit for rolling with the punches.



Regardless of the Slate's OS, it could still be programmed to do everything their promo videos showed it doing. There was little, if any, to do with Win7 in the existing videos. Most of it was a proprietary application launcher screen and Adobe Air applications.

What I *really* want is a Core i3 Slate running full Win 7 anyway. I'd gladly pay more than some arbitrary $499 price tag if I can do more with it!



I think a future HP tablet running webOS could potentially go head-on-head with the iPad - provided the tablet is atleast $100 cheaper than the iPad IMO.



Windows are ultimate playing device for viruses, drivers, widgets and gadgets from Google, Yahoo, Vista, Opera and yes don't forget games, what no touch support software that's a shame! 



I want/need a tablet running Win7 to use as a tethered screen to a digital camera. I'm not the only photographer that would jump all over a set up like this.


Your Mother was a hampster and your Father smelled of elderberries.  Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.



Is this changeup due to the way Win 7 Tablet compares to the iPad OS or how lame the JooJoo came out? If the Slate was so close to release what is the advantage to changing it to a new OS from a company you just bought? How long will it take to work out the kinks even if Palm OS was ready to go right now? I just don't get it. Release the Slate to get your hat in the ring then get the new Palm Slate out as gen 2. Cancelling it has you missing the train, the iPad then gets to build market share by default and that makes it harder to crack into the market at a later date. And what about developers who have projects developing for the tablet market?


Right now Apple is the only game in time and overcoming their lead will be close to impossible. As they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.



why anyone (other than apple of course) would consider making anything other than an android tablet is beyond me...



Even with dropping Windows 7 (an incredibly stupid move on HP's part), the Palmified HP Slate would still be better than the iPad. 


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