Rumor: Google Negotiating a $1 Billion Buyout of WhatsApp



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It's in Google's best interesting to acquire WhatsApp, because in the instant messaging game, user base is everything. With 100,000,000+ downloads on Google Play alone, a $1 billion would mean $10 per user. Not to mention iOS, WP, BlackBerry and Symbian users, $1b is cheap. It's not that easy to make a popular messaging client, just look at Google Talk. Since WhatsApp uses phone numbers as ID, Google could easily integrate it with Messaging/SMS app and make an iMessage killer. Plus they would "own" the IM world.



They should take the money. There are so many examples of companies that 'played hard' when Google or some other giant offered them a lot of money, and after negotiations drop, a year later the stock is 1/4th the offered value.
The Internet business is a fickle monster. Whatsapp today is Whodunna tomorrow. Owners should cash in while they can!



I use WhatsApp to keep in touch with my friend who moved to Austalia! (That and Skype). It's a really nice app and the UI changes they recently made were good improvements


Mighty BOB!

Never heard of them. But I read this blog of theirs and I like them already.

I already use Google Voice so I don't pay for SMS but GV doesn't do MMS messaging so I have to use my regular phone # for that and pay. :(



I've been using it for going on 2yrs now, and really like the app. I've got my wife on it, my roomate, my sister and a bunch of friends as well. What I'd really like, is to be able to use it on my tablet as well, and have the message sync between tablet and phone.

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