Rumor: Google Music to Launch by Holiday Season



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It's not about actual service in this market, it's about the name.

Itunes/Apple is a name associated with music and downloading.

However, google has huge name recognition with innovation and doing old ideas better, right there they can capitolize. It's hard to meet people who dislike google, and that's their strong point.


The fact that the service may actually be better than Apple's Itunes is just frosting on the cake, which people like us MAXPC readers can appreciate.



Google Music doesn't sound like a catchy name to me.  They should use a name like Symphonity as in infinite symphony.



Amazon also only has a music store in the USA. They've been dragging their heels on opening one up anywhere else! Now, if Google has it available in North America and a few other countries at launch and then guarentee that other areas will come too, they'll do better!

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