Rumor: Is Google Drive Still Alive?



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files? an outdated concept?  rofl... thats funny as hell.


Whether you are storing the data in a file or a mySQL table the concept is essientially the same.  Even if you put all your data in seperate mySQL tables the necesities of file management means they would work and function just like files at the end of the day. And putting your data in mySQL tables is exactly what you are doing when you use google docs... so... yeh.


The *term* "file" might die... but the concept never will.  It might get heavily obfuscated or change how they are arranged on storage media... but files as a concept will always exist no matter what name they go by or the details of how they are stored.



I like dropbox and sugarsync, they seem to have a very refined product.

If google would weigh into the file storage game, you know it would be free, offer a temptingly large space, and be paid for by (gasp) ads, that (gasp) you know are spawned somehow by the contents of your files.

Not that I haven't been using gmail since it was invite only anyway, but what kind of privacy concerns would there be?

I actually know more than one person who refuses to use google in any way because of the privacy concerns.



Meh.  Ether your data will get included as part of Google's services or when it gets crawled by their spiders.  Hiding it behind the privacy claims of services like dropbox is ultimately no safer than hiding behind googles own privacy claims.  One errant line in a robots.txt and google will archive your data for all time.  And google's track record as far as security goes is some where between stellar and unbelievable.


Regardless... the permanent record arived a decade ago.  Fighting it now is a bit pointless.  The only real way to avoid it is to never put anything online you dont want stored by third parties.


EDIT: and regarding robots.txt and login based security... up until a few years ago even the US military was having trouble with this.  There was a cottage industry of people doing google searches to find out classified information, such as the current locations of aircraft cariers.



I'm looking for a less-expensive alternative to amazon S3 for storage for amanda backups.


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