Rumor: Google to Charge Monthly Fee for Chrome OS Devices



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You got to remember that the entire OS (programs, files, pictures, etc) will be on a cloud.

When the OS updates, you don't need to worry about buying the next-gen OS, just to keep up.

So, those costly Windows/Apple upgrades will be a question of the past.

Also, with the ability to access your files and programs from any computer, makes it an attractive offer.


I can see the Chrome OS taking off. Its a matter if the low hardware price point/subscription will be effective, especially in today's market.


Keith E. Whisman

Monthly subscription fees for an OS is insane. I want to own my license forever. Do you hear that? That hammering sound? It's the sound of the hammer driving nails into Chrome OS coffin. First it's a cloud os and now they want monthly fees. I'm sure theres going to be directed advertising, there always is. 



I agree with the other commenters. If the subscription includes TiSP then it just might be successful.



Actually, if the subsidized price is low enough and the monthly fee includes mobile broadband, I see this as a very successful and viable solution for a lot of folks.



If they charge a monthly fee for Chrome OS devices, then Chrome OS will fail. Simple as that. Customers will switch to Android devices or Apple devices or cheap Windows laptops/netbooks as easy as they switch shirts from day to day.

Hey, if you have a completely unique product that people are demanding and can't get elsewhere, and you think you can charge subscription for it, all the more power to you. If I can pickup a Windows 7 laptop for a handful of benjamins to use instead... LOL can't believe this is even a consideration.

Even if they're testing the waters of subscription Chrome OS, it will quickly become a laughing stock, and won't have any momentum if they yank the subscription fees later.

As Antoine Dodson would say Google, this is "just plain dumb."


Keith E. Whisman

You switch shirts every day? I bet you shower every day too. Show off.










Just picking on you. I agree with you one hundred and ten percentage points.




If this subscription actually includes broadband Internet access and not JUST the use of the device, then it might be ok. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what the subscription is for. Maybe $10/20 per month for the device AND broadband access would be perfect for grandma or uncle Bill, who don't otherwise want or have a computer or Internet access.

But if this is just for the device and then you need to supply your own access, then I'm back to LOL.



errr... no...  I have the cr-48 and I love it.  Get great bat life.  But I refuse to pay a monthly fee for it.  I have to with my cell phone, but I must have that.   I specifically bought a gtab and nook color and they are running gingerbread on them.  I wont buy a tab or anything else outside a cell phone that requires a monthly fee.  I will do without then.


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