Rumor: Foxconn to Stop Branding Its Own Motherboards



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Foxconn makes motherboards for other manufactures that are not branded as Foxconn mobo's.

I'm reasonably sure that I've seen Dell computers with Foxconn motherboards in them, for example, but you could only tell by opening the PC up and seeing the tiny foxconn stamp near the serial number.

It might not have a been a Dell that I saw this in (my memory is a bit foggy), but I know that foxconn supplies some system builders with their parts.

This move only means that they're scaling back their individual brand, which, honestly, is not surprising given the way that ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte are dominant at the moment when it comes to building your own system.

It just means that Foxconn saw it's sales in that category slipping.


Keith E. Whisman

Why would they quit while they are experiencing steady and predictable growth? That is what investors love to see, growth like this.

I think that it's just a rumor if the numbers in the article are correct it just doesn't make sense for a company to leave a profitable product line.

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