Rumor: Dell Windows 8 Tablet Surfaces in Leaked Slide



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It certainly seems like it may come off expensive though I do hope as well that the RAM gets beefed up. I was at a conference just a couple of days ago and Toshiba had a booth setup showcasing some of their laptops and android tablets, but they also has a Windows 8 tablet there and it ran like shit! The guy at the booth knew nothing about it spec wise, but he managed to convince their R & D dept, to let him take it and show as I guess a proof of concept or something.

I wish I knew what was in it, but whatever it was obviously wasn't enough. It was chuggy just swiping from one screen in the metro UI to another. I guess where it was not an official product and still in development I can cut him some slack, but Windows 8 better run smoother then that on tablets or it's doomed before it even starts.



I hope it can have more RAM...2GB seems lowly. With multitasking and switching from program to program, it's likely to get bogged down quickly.



128GB of storage? Insane. No wonder the price is so high. I'd expect that this is top-of-the-line, and that a 32GB version will run much, much cheaper.



If it has an atom, I'm not sure I want it. I had a netbook, and it choked on slide-heavy OneNote pages.
Just not enough horsepower.



That processor hasn't even been released yet.



that sounds like a very expensive tablet. Probably at around $700 (more like a laptop in tablet format)

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