Rumor: Core i7 Motherboards to be Incompatible with Performance DDR3 Memory



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Keith E. Whisman

You know with so little competition from AMD it's great that Intel keeps innovating new technologies and producing more advanced chips. I how long it would take Intel to slow down if AMD just died?


Keith E. Whisman

Well for those of us that hasn't yet joined in on the DDR3 band wagon this is not going to be a problem. As for all you other sucks ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure Corsair and other performance memory makers will come up with ram that runs at 1600mhz at or below 1.65volts. But that day has not come yet. I'm sure that they are hoping to sell off all the stuff that won't work befor anyone finds out.. LOL....



that would suck


drew and not u

I guess the MCH wasn't so bad after all.

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