Rumor: Channel Vendors Demand Card Makers Recall Faulty Nvidia Products



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 Given time all companies have their ups and downs. I have an 8600 series card and haven't had the slightest hicup. You wait long enough and Intel will have its problems and AMD will acend. Nividia went through this with 5000 series card not rendering well with DX9 so I wouldn't say that they are down and out, they just had a curveball thrown at them. The game will always go back and forth between the big teams with some winning more innings than others. Right now ATI is on the upswing but 2 or 3 cards later may be playing catch up again. I will always go with the better product no matter who makes it. KOMMANDER



 How the mighty have fallen. ATI is looking better and better to Me by the day. Although; I am using an overclocked ASUS 8600/GT/SE and never had any problems with it.....Ever.

The grass is always greener on the other side.




So sorry nvidia.....thats what you get for price gauging your customers.....

ThE OnLy wAy 2 pLaY!

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