Rumor: Call of Duty Spin-Off to Be Set in The Future, Feature Space Marines



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As if the COD series hasn't taken a nosedive already since IW was forced to fire their best developers, Activision continues to butcher the company to fulfill Bobby Kotick's sick fantasies.

Besides that, there will always be just as many 13 year old's spurting comments about my mother every 10 seconds on xbox live, the PC version will always have hacks (and framerate problems), and the PS3 version although not as bad as XBL will have the same problems as the XBL version.



Here's to hoping Blizzard stays strong and doesn't bend to the will of the fatman himself...




wow, all these good reveiws coming out and there all skipping over the most important part, WE CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME UNTIL IT IS PATCHED.  You guys must be testing on xbox360 as you would have come out and stated some of the problems with the game.  Come on guys give us what you think, not POLITICAL CORRECT BULL!!!!



It sounds a lot like Battlefield 2142, which never really caught on with me. If they do go this route, maybe they can do a better job.




I'd be interested in knowing how that'll all work. I'm all for it for the sake of a new experience. Granted it doesn't sound that appealing but you never know they might surprise us. If it doesn't work they could always default to the tried and true CoD formula.



It seems like everyone is going for the Space Marine theme at some point.

Granted, that this over-saturated setting/genre will NEVER go out of style, an effort to bring something fresh to the table (or should we say, band-wagon..) its got to be exceptional in almost every way.. DeadSpace is a good example of this. EA took the old familiar formula and made it exciting with its innovative combat mechanics and its thrilling pacing and ambient sounds.  the visuals, although somewhat "cheap looking" in my opinion, had all bases covered (with several, thick layers)

I would like to see more 1st/3rd person action titles that hand you a mace and a fireball/bolt throwing staff ....but in any case there is ALWAYS room for another me-too within the awsome "space marine" (like a new (id spawned) Quake....)...

one of my favorate games (even though it generally recieved low scoring review rankings) was theEnclave by Starbreeze (makers of Riddick). most games with the Barbarian and Wizards theme, are either point n clickers (diablo style), where you have no direct combat input, or deep assed RPGs- where you must read 9k page manuals, just for initial introduction to the 330 elements in your navigation systems.. and then fall into a flurry of drama-for-your-mama interactive-cutscenes, when all you really wanted was just to smash some monster-skulls and electrify some pixies....

bring on team based clubbing and blasting!

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