Rumor: Asus to Undercut Tablets with Sub-$250 Netbook



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Yay...I can buy a netbook to use as a "tunes box" for my car for ~$250 instead of for ~$350.

Netbooks have penetrated the price range of entry-level LAPTOPS--read, LAPTOPS (or NOTEBOOK computers)--ya know, the ones that offer bigger screen size, more memory, optical drive, better doesn't make sense to buy netbooksunless it's for portability.

I think that netbooks are higher in cost now that most new ones have Windows 7 preinstalled and Microsoft isn't in a hurry to offer the price cheaper like they did with XP in attempt to take market share away from Linux--the reason they were still at $199-250 back then. All I know is, the Starter edition of Windows 7 is really worth nothing (you can't change your wallpaper, for example) and the netbooks themselves haven't changed much in specs--some offer an extra gig of ram, maybe a 250 GB hard drive and a slightly better Atom processor. Still not worth it being that I could buy a basic Toshiba, Compaq or Acer laptop for the same price with better specs.



I put Android 2.2 x86 on my eeePC 900 and it seemed to run okay, but I couldn't get the wi-fi to actually connect.  It found the wi-fi signal, just would never make the connection.  Not being able to use touch on a device with Android was very unusual and frustrating at times (like cycling through images to change the background, you still have to "swipe" with the mouse).



An Android 3.0 'netbook' will be interesting... it'd be more or less a tablet with a bolted on keyboard. I think I'd have one actually, if the batteries are kept large (true all day computing at last :D) and they plopped in Tegra 2 or something faster.

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