Rumor: Asus Plans on Expanding Eee PC with Hard Drive and Other Accessories



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Talcum X

 So, let me get this right.  They make this "ultra protable" device, low cost, for the masses.  Now your going to add stuff that is apart from this to make up what it lacks from normal laptops.  Now you need more counter or lap space to place these things that could have just come with a mid-range laptop in the first place that would have been internal.  I really dont get it.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



An Eee PC with a 3G connection would be fantastic.  
That is the one thing that would put me over the fence and buy one.  
It would be great to have that kind of broadband portability without 
going the route of smartphone and for the price.  I hope this rumor is 
more than just a rumor.

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