Rumor: Asus Accounts for 80% of All P45-Based Motheboard Sales



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Not if I can help it. Their website is infuriatingly slow. Downloading drivers from Asus' website is the worst torture known to man. I'm not going to buy any more boards from them until they stop running their website on a pentium pro in their basement with a 56k dial-up connection. The only way I would buy from Asus right now is if the board is EXTREMELY compelling compared to the alternatives from MSI, Gigabyte, etc.

It's kind of sad because I like their boards and their features, but I'd rather take forty lashes than download another driver from Asus.



Asus makes solid products. But what they charge has gone thru the roof. It used to be that the top motherboard cost $200 now you have to pay $449.99, it has more than doubled in under 6 years. They don’t even add any useful features anymore. And they have completely abandoned making oem notebooks. And it would be nice if there update program actually worked, and if they updated there website with a way to detect motherboard model in vista. 

I'd like to see them include some of the newer features that Phoenix makes, like Phoenix Recover 7. Or maybe a recovery program that runs from the flash memory on the board, maybe some simple hardware diagnostics.



People who won't use Asus anymore, that's fine..obviously. There's a certain line you can't cross and Asus has crossed it for them.


For me, however, Asus is still incredibly solid stuff. I won't consider Giagbyte though. Why not? Why does a company want me to take them seriuosly when they have neon pink/yellow/green on their motherboards. Like PINK! 



After RMAing my lousy Striker Extreme 3 times and presently needing a fourth, ASUS has lost my trust...

Their horrible customer service and return policies have assured me that they are not the company they once were.

Never again...



i would em even more if they had a new naming scheme. too many p5s.....



I also put together an A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard around 6 years ago.  It is approaching 50000 hours of use now without a problem.

I have just completed building 2 computers for work using Asus P5Q motherboards.  While one came DOA and had to be exchanged, no other MB problems were encountered.  They boot using the default BIOS settings and run cool and stable.  One thing I like about the current hardware is that everything assembles so much quicker and easier than years ago...Progress is good! (Now if I could just get Intel to redesign the heatsink retention mechanism!!!)



Not one single problem.  Ever.

  It's covered with dust, cigarette smoke slime and God knows what else.

I've giggled it, wiggled it, and pretty much done everything you're

NOT supposed to do to a motherboard and it still works.   



Asus has been putting out some nice boards lately. I have a P5E X38 motherboard that has been flashed to the P5E Deluxe X48 BIOS, adding new tweaks for overclocking RAM. The new P5Q's look pretty sweet too with a good color scheme and awesome BIOS features. These boards are excellent overclockers.  

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