Rumor: Are XFX and Evga Defecting from Nvidia?



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According to [H] the partners are certainly not jumpingship. 

We picked up the phone and called both EVGA and XFX. Word is that Charlie’s story linked above is, “Bogus” or "BS," depending on who you listen to."

However, it is a given that if Intel's larabee GPU is a serious contendor, they will most certainly end up targetting NVIDIA's key partners.



"That's right; the rumor says XFX and Evga aren't following Gainward's lead (yet another defection rumor), so if it turns out to be true, then where could they going?"



could he have ment to put "be"?                |


Keith E. Whisman

Now larabee sure looks compelling. It works more like light in real life works. Now EVGA and XFX would'nt leave Nvidia unless they figured they could make a larger profit through sales. This means that Intel has probably promised them that their chips will be cheaper and far more advanced. After all EVGA and XFX are going to be puting their names and reputations on these chips. These video cards that come out will probably be competitively priced or even slightly cheaper but perform better or at least offer midrange Nvidia performance with ultra realistic graphics capabilities. When Intel gets in the game prices will come down all around. This is good for all of us.



Ever since the 4000 series came out, i've been wondering why high profile makers such as EVGA and XFX didnt try their hands at ATI cards.  I think they should support all of the big 3 as they both make very good quality components. 



Can you read?

It says that they are not going to ati.

I can't believe this. If it is true, it sucks. Intel would have NO competition and  prices would probly be crazy high. This would be really sad.



Yeah dude take a chill pill, that was entirely my opinion.  I dont have any control over who XFX and EVGA support.  But I said it would be nice to have them make some 4800 cards because they both make high quality components. 



CAN YOU READ? He said WONDERING. Don't be such a dick.

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