Rumor: Apple Prepping a $99 Google TV Competitor



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My money is 100% behind the google TV, since it won't be restricted like we all know it will be somehow because it's Apple. Now, if the AppleTV will actually support some features that google does, it would stand a chance since people tend to gravitate to Apple's aesthetic. Google will have to come up with something really good looking, and really intuitive before Apple will get pushed off the main stream, but the original AppleTV failed hard, so this could also fail. We'll see. If it has iPhone OS attached to it, then garunteed half the world will go apeshit for it. I personally think the iPhone is ok, but I prefer the widgets my android provides.



I don't believe in any other solution then the full fledged HTPC.

I have one for over 4 years, and most of my friends and familly also.

The only problem that has to be resolved is live HD tv content.

This is still missing, but once when that is taken care of, the HTPC will rule.



 The Google TV link in the article points directly back to this article...


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According to Apple Users, Google TV is going DOWNNN!!!

I know my $$ is on Google or any other media sharing device. I'm not a fan of Apple's restrective media policies....and I can't imagine being stuck in Apple's Controlling Environment...........

I'll keep my Dell Notebook's, Custom Gaming/Business PC's, Zune's Media Player, 360 Gaming Consoles, PS3 for Blu-Ray, and enjoy the ability to use my media on any device as many times as I wan't.




I don't think they're capable of producing a device that is both performance and price competitive. If the price is that low you just know it's going to be completely locked down, have 1/5th the features, and 3x the restrictions.


Peanut Fox

If it has a ARM chip that can decode 1080p decently and links you to an iTunes type store using an iTunes account.  It wouldn't have to be expensive, and Apple wouldn't have to spend a ton of time designing a back end for it because it's already in place.  Sure most of us don't like being tied to the iTunes format, but it's worked well for Apple in the past.  I'd still prefer an HTPC, but I guess we'll see.



 "and links you to an iTunes type store using an iTunes account"

Two reasons right there why I'd never want anything like this (the third being it's from Apple). iTunes is clunky and is a terrible terrible application...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-

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