Rumor: AMD Working with TSMC for Bulldozer Manufacturing



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Excellent insight into a fascinating topic, thanks for sharing this with us all. Please continue to contribute further information, I look forward to the prospect.

cute quotes



AMD has wanted to limit their product line to CPUs for decades now, and it has always caused them problems. They haven't been able to get memory that will keep pace with their CPUs since the Athlon first came out. So they kept multiplying past the FSB, and finally dumped it completely. And we all know what that resistance to making chipsets cost them. But this is difficult to understand. They dumped Intel and went with the EV2 BUS because the Intel design wouldn't cut it. Why did they fail to move on these supporting products? Their concept is still superior, but they're in such a hole that they can't develop their concepts further until they get the fab thing right. And they really, really need to develop memory that will keep pace with that BUS concept of theirs. Didn't somebody just develop an all metal memory chip that smokes?



Logical choice if you cannot get the yield or quality out of the plant. If the only leverage you have left is the orders you place then you start to shift orders.

Global Foundries is independant - and I do not doubt they were working under the impression that they had garunteed contracts with AMD - between the change to working processor from the prior way of purchasing full wafer and now the potential of losing full product lines to competitors- it will be up to Global to show intiative



Is it really that hard to create a word-filter for "very good web" and "===", and identical links repeated 5 times?

That aside, to quote SemiAccurate, GloFlo is the only fab with 32nm in production other than intel... scratch that. Intel is not a fab. GloFlo is the only fab with 32nm in production.



Is AMD building CPUs or Constructicons?  ;-)


Ghost XFX

A little of both? Megatron would decree it so....



Being the blue collar guy I am.

Even if AMD has a lacking flagship CPU, at least they have cool codenames.

The construction equipment names are kinda cool. Will be looking foward to Piledriver and Excavator.



So when they are finished putting out verious CPUs with various contruction eqipment code names, will they combine them to form Devastator? j/k



What's that thing that digs tunnels?  Think they need that name next cause they're digging themselves into a nice one & aren't likely to come out at the other end.  I recently replaced an aging AM2+ board with Gigabyte's AM3+ UD7 just to be able to take my CPU (955BE) with me -- I had the DDR3 ram but couldn't afford a i2600K and a board otherwise I would have jumped AMD's ship.  Been on AMD's side now over a decade & was really hoping that Bulldozer would be a nice performer .... Oh well.  They're done.  Toast.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

bulldozers are used to make bridges. speaking of bridges. sandybridge anyone?








agreed!  rockin the badass codenames.

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