Rumor: AMD Readies Dual-GPU ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 for an August Release



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i find it a bit odd for a graphic card to have 2GB of onboard ram.... i mean do the current or near future game really need 2GB to buffer? i don't even think crysis at 1920 x 1080(or higher) need that much ram....



 Its about damn time, good for ATI finally making a good card and pricing it perfectly. They have Nvidias high-midrange by the balls. I hope this card scales properly, we may be seeing ATI take the worlds fastest gpu crown back once again!

 Card looks just a wee bit large @_@

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I'm not sure I like the fact that it has 2gb. If you ran in crossfire thats like 4gb? What about the the rest of my peripherals? That will use up all the ram. I mean even if one uses a 64 bit system most applications aren't native and will still suffer. I must be missing somthing.....



That is ram built on to a peripheral and controlled by the peripheral for its own use, the system does not have to recognize that RAM just the video card! Check in your Control Panel\System if you don't believe me.



 Correct me if I'm wrong MPC, but from what I remember, the RAM on a video card (descrete) doesn't use the RAM in your system. So the 2GB of RAM in the card, is just for the card!


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He's saying that 32x systems won't be able to read the 2/4GB from the card AND the RAM in the system.



Even though video card RAM is physically separate from system RAM, it must still be addressed by the system using memory address space. 32-bit systems don't have enough memory space to address a 2GB card and address more than 2GB of RAM.

32-bit systems are already hitting the wall with video cards that include much lower amounts of RAM, though, as you can see from this 2007 posting:

However, as other posters have pointed out, 64-bit systems will have no problems using this card to its full capacity, as they have much more memory address space.


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