Rumor: AMD Plans to Release Six 45nm CPUs in February



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if they manage to deliver a decent chip, with a better price than the intel variant, i will definitely be buying.

obviously intel is leading bigtime right now, but theres just something really smooth about how an amd chip runs. 



I really wish that these processors will be at least on par with the intel procs. I really want it to be so, because I'm not sure that AMD can take another hit like the disastrous Athlon 64 X2s. If the Phenom IIs don't perform competitively with the Core i7s, then AMD may not get enough revenue to stay afloat.



Any price list?



Intel Looking To Invest Its Way Out Of Financial Crisis - Chairman

 Looks like the low end chips are covered buy AMD and the ATI GPUs are going strong, just maybe sometime soon.  AMD is catching up faster than I thought they could.  could be my spider sence is acting up again. LOL


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