Rumor: AMD Broadens Bulldozer Launch Lineup for October



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Yup, my sentiments exactly. I am not interested in purchasing a Bulldozer, I just want Bulldozer to be launched quickly, so Intel will drop prices for their Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge.



I have been patiently waiting all year for the Bulldozer release so I can build a new PC. If I don't get an official announcement and some specs and benchmarks VERY soon they will have lost me to Intel. I have the money and I'm sick of waiting for AMD to get their act together. That i7 2600k is looking really good compared to my badly aging Athlon 64 X2 4400.


These delays are putting them at serious risk of people losing interest. If that hasn't happened already.


I Jedi

Hopefully, AMD's new Bulldozer architecture pushes Intel to lower its prices of its current Sandy Bridge processors, and hopefully its upcoming Ivy Bridge based processors.

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