Rumor: Abit Bows out of Brand Business



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Though I didn't use the Abit components too much I had a good impression on them. While working in the invoice templates free business I bought a motherboard from them and it was excellent. I also liked the possibility of overclocking.


Keith E. Whisman

It would have been better for posterity if Abit would have taken it's name down when the company went out of business. Because if anyone builds a lemon with the Abit name it's going to tarnish the name and only older folks like me are going to have happy memories of Abit.

Now I'm not certain but it just seems to me that what killed Abit was that dumbass line of Fatality branded motherboards. They took mid-range hardware and goosed it up a little and put the Fatality name on it and sold it for a premium price.

I refuse to purchase anything with a gamers name on it because I don't think are many gamers out there that are going to know better than the manufacturer on how to build pure power. Puting the Fatality name on it's products were an obvious gimmick and costly at that.

So everyone grab your torches and pitch forks and lets hunt down that Fatality guy. 



This is sad news to me. I used to swear by Abit MoBo's. You could always count on getting a great produt with an Abit board, now not so much =(. I had hoped that the company would make a turnaround but it doent look good. Oh well I guess I'll just have to keep on keep'n on with Asus boards... Not that ther're not a great subsititue =)



I've been an Asus and EVGA fan, but either way it's still sad to see these guys go.

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