Ruling to Expose Your YouTube Viewing Habits



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yeah ive been watchin copyrighted content all day on youtube


Talcum X

 Anything posted on You Tube is considered public domain.  It can be viewed by anyone who visits the site, member or not.  So what does it matter how or from what site it's viewd.  if you didnt want people from the outside to view it in the first place, dont post it anywyer for everyone to see.  Another perfectly good waste of the judicial systems time.

 Of course, if I only remembered the first 2/3 of the was about (C) material.  I guess it would depend if it was blatent, or someone just having fun with it.  They do it on Americas Funniest Home Videos every day, so why not on line.


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 I think the ruling is in regard to users viewing habits ie the movies they have watched, when and how many times, etc. Not so much what videos are on the site itself.

 It is for reasons like this I use Firefox addons such as TrackMeNot

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