Royal Digital Media Announces 100GB/Disc Blu-ray Killer, Supports 1920p



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seo (not verified)



It all depends how much it will cost bith for consumers and production. In today's economic worldwide crisis $$$ will be the decision maker.


Joe The Plummer

I find all of this very strange and surprised nobody has done any due diligence to determine if this is a prank or someone full of crap.

So two Tennesee brothers manage to come up with a 2,048 bit military grade encryption scheme and use Joomla for their website with nothing of any substance on it?

I think everyone in the media has been had. First I could not find a single website for Royal Digital Media. All searches brought up links to news pieces that refer to the PR release and as we all know PR releases can be scams. 

DreamStream also seems to have just been a company that offered a streaming media player. 

Further digging into domain ownership, is registered to someone in TN but there is a mention of Serbia as the address. 

I'm sure it's possible this is legit, it just screams of it being bs. 


Talcum X

 The media companies cant be in the middle of another format war just this soon after the last one got done.  They all had to buy into the BR format for it to finally be over.  Now someone else comes along and challenges it all over agian?  Too soon to make BR the next Betamax.  Cuz then you would piss off the rest of the people who chose a side in the format war.  The only people smiling are those who still have just the same DVD they had the past 5 or so years.  And wouldnt 1920P be 3413 x 1920 (keeping the whole 16:9 ratio)?  Now TV producers would have to ramp up again to match. now, you need so big a tv to get 1080P... The min size TV at todays technology would start at 52" I would gather. (just a random guess)


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



Just to remind everyone, 100 Gbs isn't that much space. I'm curious if this can be done even better with a blue laser. If so then it shouldn't be long until this discs are trumped.

None the less, with the large push for 3D movies and with video and audio being allowed to be less compressed, I think a 100 Gb disc will be nice for a while at least. CDs & DVDs sure seemed like a lot of space when they came out too. Fortunately I can't say I remember the same for floppy discs but I believe it was thought to be a large amount of space as well :D



I see is not for movies but for storage and backup. I WAS very briefly considering a blu ray unit for my new puter but when I saw the prices for the discs, I quickly dropped the idea. Now, if I can get a 100gb disc for a buck or two, THAT'S a different story.

As for a format war, who gives a damn if the other players like this or not. I would buy this as a storage unit for myself. 


Keith E. Whisman

Oh yeah the old 720k disks were awsome. I had lots and lots of games on 720k and 1.2mb and 1.44mb  floppies. If I remember right XWing came out on 6 5.25" floppies and the original Wolfenstein came out on 1 5.25" floppy.



do we need 100gb? do you need 50gb? i still use the 4.7gb dvd discs and i still think it is big enough?!!

it's nice to know that if you need 100gb you have it...

and why reinvent the wheel, 1920p? i have a 720p tv. and they only transmit over satellite/cable a maximum of 720p resolution???!!!!




Actually, Blu-ray's Burning Spec was out quite early.  This is why BD burners were available long before HD DVD burners.  (HD DVD burners were out just in time for the format to die)

As for a new HD format... Well, I guess this new format will have some convincing to do with Warner and Disney to change formats... Maybe they can get some consulting from Toshiba on the matter.



All of these companies are freaking stupid as heck. C'mon, with prices where they are (for equipment and media) and the economy being down people are just sticking with DVD over anything else. Sure, you get some that make the switch but most dont. 

So, another company comes out with something better and further confuses the general public and causes more hesitation with making a purchase. These companies are basically BEGGING consumers to stop buying their products. 

If they would just stick with one format and bank on that for at least 5 years, possibly 10 then they would see more people adopting their technology. Then later you release newer stuff. 

The media industry is turing into the computer industry. Every month a new and better product is developed which almost makes previous products look obsolete. The difference is games dont evolve nearly as fast as the technology so tomorrows games can still run on todays hardware. However, tomorrows media cant run on todays hardware so no one wants to adopt it.



I have put off purchasing a HD TV and now blu-ray as I was waiting for a standard to be set. Now that 1080p is getting to be the norm and blu-ray is set, news is coming that those will be dated by the time i purchase them. I understand that tech advances and all, but come on. VHS lasted about 20 years. DVD's are still pretty decent at about 10 years. How long is blu-ray going to last if this new tech does make it with the movie companies? 2-3 years??


Keith E. Whisman

I just realized that sure there is a 100gig disc spec but I think that is for reading and using physically pressed discs. What will I hope come along is a optically burning spec that will support the 100gig spec. Remember it took a while for actual burning spec for both Blue Ray and HD DVD to come out. It may never happen so I don't know if I'm happy about this yet. When a burning spec comes out then I'll be happy..



IF it is true, then yeah, I'm buying into this format.  My biggest curiosity is the technological end.  Sony moved over to blue lasers because they offered a narrower beam.  How is Royal Digital Media making for larger available file sizes?

Key to all of this, of course, is that while the technology may be based on red laster technology, it may still not be compatible with everything else in your DVD collection.  Of course, if the cost is right, who cares?





Although this was just announced you would think they would have some corporate players signed on already.



Keith E. Whisman

Well I realize this is centered on movies but it's a win for computers too. Imagine burning 100gigs onto a single disk in 20minutes. Hopefully it won't take anymore time than that. I want this. Disks for 10cents each a burner that at launch costs maybe 100bucks. God I've dreamt of this. A complete backup of your system on disk. Everything else on one or two other disks. God I'm getting excited. Backup work is about to get alot less expensive and easy. 



Alex please correct disk to disc. It had me scratched my head for a hard disk of some sort. ^^;;



Thanks, I've fixed that.



Finally a product that's not going to break the bank, hopefully!

Yeah, if I were Sony, I'd be concerned.

Either that or the price of Blu-rays will drop dramatically if this new product is priced as predicted.



DVD player back than was 300 bucks, after like 2 years later(longer or less) it went below $100.



are there even 1920P TV's on the market?



There is no such thing as 1920p.  The 1920 is the horizontal pixels across on a 1080p so it would be 1920x1080.

The next step up would actually be 2160p which is 4k cinema 4096x2160.  I think there may be some high end projectors out there that are 4k cinema.

I think RDM has a 1080p maximum.



If this turns out to be true then I will have one of these players in every room of my house and 3 of their reader/writers in my PC.  They can finally put everything on 1 disk so that we don't have to have all of these multiple disk "boxed" sets.



So is 1920p, 3413 by 1920 or are they just trying to hype this and it is really only just 1920 by 1080?

because if it is 1920 being the lower rez then this sounds far better. otherwise it is better but i will stay out of all this untill they finalize something or the costs come down.




Thanks for the nice post.



then they could update the firmware on the 360 to except this codec and make games around it.

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