Rovio Expects to Make $1 Million Per Month From Angry Birds Android Ads



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@Ghok The app on android is free or else they wouldnt have Ads. Thank you thats all. And Maximum pc stop theres spammers please its very annoying.



Maximum PC it has been a couple MONTHS since the spam commments/posts started.

Same garbage posted over and over.

It is pathetic that a technical magazine/website does not bother to update/change their software spam filters.

Your Captcha filter is fail.

Fix it.

a loyal subscriber,





I expect Rovio to continue seeing huge earnings from Angry Birds over time, just like their counterparts Scorched Earth and Worms.  Er..., well, like those other games that have continued to sell more and more units as time went on.  Wait...

Video gamers are fickle.  They want newer, better, cooler.  Sure, they'll continue to play older titles, but they're not going to buy them over and over again.  If they can figure out how to improve their game and come out with a version 2.0 they can likely continue to expect to earn millions and millions.  If not, they'll just end up like everyone else who's ever created a product.  Just the way it goes sometimes. 

The nice thing about having an app that's popular on a smartphone is that you can likely expect a repeat purchase as users inevitably upgrade to newer devices.



Nice for the publisher, maybe.

Your app better be very useful or entertaining if I'm going to buy it twice, otherwise I might as well give the competition a try.

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