Roundup: AMD Flaunts Next-Gen Trinity APU At CES



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Although AMD's integrated graphics are better than Intel's, they are still far too weak for use in playing mainstream games comfortably.  Since both brands provide more than enough video horsepower for anything else, I'd much rather have the Intel part.

If an Intel-based ultrabook costs $1000, I don't see how a chip change alone brings AMD down to the $500 mark.  I don't think it's possible to cut the cost of an ultrabook in half even if AMD /gave/ the chips away, so I'm expecting many, many corners to be cut if AMD's vision is to come to fruition.



Maybe I'm blind. The inside of that "Desktop" that's running a DX11 game at 30 fps, encoding video and (inside the desktop shell) watching HD video from Youtube IS A LAPTOP! Think that over for a second, what if there were only one screen? Easy 60+ fps. Sure it'll never be a HD7950, but it's good enought for a lot of games.



Perhaps the Storm at AMD is passing and things will start looking up from here on foward, time to buy some amd stocks.



Can't wait to see what the desktop version can do.



om nom nom nom nom :)

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