In the Rough: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Skips the Wii



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The last good version of Tiger Woods was 2008 (server issues and all).

2009 sucked, and it really all went to crap in 2010. It's gotten worse every year.

Too many gimimcks. WAY too expensive. It will nickle and dime you to death in the Pro shop.

In 2008, you paid a one time $5 in MS points to turn your golfer full-ninja. Everyone did it. You had to.

Now, they've designed the pro shop to take you to the cleaners in more way than one, and they cleverly designed it so you end up wasting money headed down paths you didn't need to take. It's like the mouse in the maze after the cheese.

Screw EA. 2012 was my last one. I played it a week and it's been on the shelf every since.

The online system that came out in 2010 is HORRIBLE !



I'm taking a gander that the Wii is more a family oriented platform and Woods wasn't up too that standard anymore.

Especially with the new mini-game "Where's Tiger's balls?"

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