Rosewill Announces 650 and 800 Watt Libertas PSUs



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I had a Rosewill 600w PSU give up the ghost last year. Their customer service was a total joke. Even though it was still within the warranty, I gave up, threw it out and got a reputable PSU.



 Have fun with your power supplies. Don't buy power supplies because they are the cheapest you can find it is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your computerso unless you plan on getting a 800w and running 400 watts of equipment I would stay far away from any budget/cheap power supplies. And yes these are cheap power supplies. And if you don't believe me pm Quakindude or some of the other moderators or open a Topic in the forums. Buying a rosewill psu for a computer is like putting cheap gas in a jet fighter, it might work for a while but eventually everything is going to break.


and Seasonic makes most OEM power supplies and they are actually high quality Dell and HP don't skimp on PSUs. 



Yes, but that is a raidmax 450W made by sunpro.

These rosewill's are made by ATNG, who also makes Nexus psu's and quite a few others. 



DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosewill will always be crap cheap power supplies; stick with good brands like Corsair and Seasonic.



I conducted some extensive research and have confirmed that the power supply is made by ABS, which happens to be a very reputable and although fairly new psu manufacturer. Look at the reviews for their ABS psus if you are not convinced. Here is a link if you're wondering,+Information+Technology+Equipment+Including+Electrical+Business+Equipment+Certified+for+Canada+-+Component&objid=1079689435&cfgid=1073741824&version=versionless&parent_id=1073992443&sequence=1



I bought a corsair 750 walt PSU almost three years ago and still running strong. Not one issue and runs really quiet!! Worth the $110 I paid for it then. Better to only have to buy one PSU that will last than have to replace it every few months or more!!

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