Roku's Cordless Streaming Stick Smartens Up Your Dumb TV



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At first I was excited, because the Vizio TV in our bedroom has only two HDMI inputs, but I now have a need for 3 HDMI devices to be plugged into it.  It does have a USB port on the side.  This would solve my problem (because I could remove the Roku box and free up one of the HDMI jacks.)

But, my TV is not MHL compliant.  So, it is back to the HDMI switch for $20.

Yeah, I know I could get a Blu-Ray player (the second device needing to be plugged in) that can do Netflix, but what do I do with this Blu-Ray player that I already have?

I wish the Dish Network receiver had an HDMI pass-thru port (the third box!)



This doesn't plug into a usb port.  It plugs into a standard hdmi port.



I'm interested. The roku box that I picked up last year was my best purchase of the year. Roku is a great company with quality products. 



Notice that the stick is MHL-dependent. If this worked on any HDMI television, it would be a great idea. Instead, it's only compatible with certain newer models that support that standard. Basically, if your TV predates what we call the "smart" models, it probably won't work. Power-over-HDMI is still a pretty new technology.

Even though they're trying to future-proof, this is going to fail. We'll see more robust "television operating systems" in the next few years that will support software upgrades. Google TV rebooted, for example.

Bundling it with TVs could work for a little while, but I don't see it being a long-term product.


Bean Bandit

Sounds cool. Right now I'm using my laptop as my netflix player on my samsung which didn't have netflix.



I have the same on my desktop in my bedroom. I am pretty sure my 3-4 year old 26 in westinghouse wont support this though! 

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