Roku Streaming Stick a Stone's Throw Away, Launches in October for $100



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a stick with limited options. i'd prefer a box.



Aside from requiring a newer TV with a MHL port, this stick (and any other Roku device, for that matter) will never stream from a NAS. So in my book, i'll pass up on it.



Also note;

Won't that Roku UBS stick over heats if i keep watching too many videos or have TuneInRadio turn on all day :/ cause i know they Roku 2 does warm up a bit while watching Netflix!

Anyway, it's all bad idea i think.



When will "YouTube" be back on the Roku Box!!!

I know i can view it on my computer, mobile devices, tablets but why not Roku? since YouTube is Free to view and all those products like a computer or tablet are not own by Google it self, like what they did to IOS 6 as they remove the Official YouTube by apple though i can still watch it from any browser or another app!



1) too bad it won't work with my current tv.

2) When the heck are they going to put the youtube channel back in the lineup. I know there's workarounds, but to not have direct access is a blatant and tragic omission.

I think this thing is a great move by the company. I can easily see a day when TV's will not have "features" built in, but have them on a stick like this, that one can swap out for one with the latest features. (I'm sure Roku can too).



will be purchasing a few of these to go with my current setup. Plex Media Server a plus and streams lovely. no wires i likey

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