Rogue Hacker Takes Credit for Knocking Millions of GoDaddy Sites Offline



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awts, can't decide whether to hate hackers or to revere them, ach...they sure are good, but really, do you need to show it by disrupting other people's lives?! see, i've just bought my first domain and is still working on it, it would be bad to crash it before it ever get the chance to live, right? thanks to for the help anyway...



"It was not a 'hack' and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS)," GoDaddy Interim CEO Scott Wagner wrote in an e-mail. "We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables."



This just doesn't feel like anonymous. If it was there would be a notice to the public up on their many friendly sites in ASCII.



Like any terrorist organization, Anonymous understands that you only take credit for what you actually do if you want to maintain credibility. Well, that and several of them have probably turned 14 this year.



Of course it wasn't Anonymous. This wasn't a DDOS attack, it appears to be a PDOS which damaged some hardware on site. Could have been an actual security hack as well where the guy actually locked everyone out. At first glance, both options are above the standard Anonymous pay grade of DDOS crud.
An another note... kind of a douche thing to do just to show you can. Why not do that to one of the Prez candidate donation sites that have been popping up trying to steal people from the other sides? Even politicians have said the sites are confusing and designed that way to steal donations from opposition parties. They're much more deserving of being taken offline than a million random people on GoDaddy.
Bad show for a hacker man. Hacking isn't about showing off your skills being a douche. If you have to do damage, real damage, do it for a purpose.

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