Rockstar Teases Grand Theft Auto Fans with Three GTA V Vehicle Screenshots



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Holy living breathing crap I sure do love GTA. It's such a waste of time but it's a really fun waste of time. San Andreas and GTA IV were THE SHIT.

I wish this new one would hurry up and come out.



Me and you both. I cant wait for it to come out on PS3/360 and maybe, just maybe... on a Mac OS X!



It would be a boon for users of OS X to get it on that platform. I doubt my MBP would run it very well so I'd just have it on my PC regardless ;) People with 27" iMacs would be happy campers though.

I think Linux users may have just as good of a chance of getting it as Mac users. I'm interested in seeing how Steam does on Linux too. When there's choices we all win.




I just played GTA3 SA the other day, great way to blow off some steam. I made an AutoIT script assigning hotkeys to all the main cheat codes. Handy when I just want to blow stuff up!



Huh, these environments seem undertextured. These cars look like they're just "white" with some shading. The skin of these people, as well as their clothing, looks pretty simplistic. The textures that are there seem to have the Console Problem where they're so low res that you can't read them when you get close/zoom in (Deus Ex HR/Borderlands again).

Some of these scenes have some really fluid, lifelike human motion, but other scenes have jerky human motion which looks like they're skipping on frames.

Maybe it just looks that way as the lighting in this trailer makes everything look "cheesy", or is that just me?

Some parts of the clip make me think "There's no way this can be on the console with graphics like that", but then others make me think "man, this is going to be a waste of my mid-range PC hardware". Bipolar.

Say, what's up with all these game trailers being 720? I mean, thanks to the Koreans, we now have monitors with 4 times that resolution priced to be available to the "common man".



That video and those screenshots could really use some Anti-Aliasing (AA). I know consoles can't muster the strength to do AA, but I'm sure they could find a dusty old PC with onboard graphics that can do a better job than that...

Or perhaps they were going for the retro pixelated look? Beats me.

EDIT: Why is there a "Subject" field when posting a comment if it's not displayed anywhere?



Wonder where this is gonna be at...looks like Miami again...if so, prolly gonna pass, not enough hills and such, always enjoyed the driving most about GTA, being a flat surface kills that experience for me.



Rockstar has said they are using San Andreas for the setting. So that means San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.



So long as GTAV doesn't involve Games for Windows Live login or any other login, they can have my money. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to hoist the ol' jolly roger as it were. It's Rockstar's choice.



true dat



I really hope to see it released on Wii U with no reductions in gameplay, visuals or anything. Really show the power of the Wii U.



this is a joke right? unless that whole video and the screenshots are prerendered.. im just not seeing that happening. dont get me wrong im excited about a new zelda game.. but lets be honest the wii u is only slightly if any more powerful than the 360/ps3 are currently



One thing I've noticed about GTA IV is that it never mattered how awesome the PC hardware was, it would always get around 25 fps...pretty much the same as the console.

(Obviously there's more tweaking-options one can do with the PC version though.) I wouldn't be surprised if the new one performs similarly across platforms.


Brad Chacos

I can't wait for this game!




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