Rocking an Old PC? Crucial Wants to Know (and May Reward You with a New Rig)



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Man, I knew I shouldn't have gotten rid of my Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer from Radio Shack...



I wonder if my Atari 800 XL would count? It still works, so hey, why not give it a shot. Got a few old macs too, but nothing that outdates that.



Man! I finally upgraded my moms computer a year ago! Too bad. Really funny contest though.



Aaah, I still would, if all my old PCs hadn't gotten lost in the moves.



Oh I am all over this.  I was deciding which old rig to enter, since I practically have a museum of antiquated systems that I refuse to get rid of.  Ultimately I chose to enter my IBM DX4/100, since it's the oldest system that I've legitimately owned (16 years.)  I almost went with my still functional Tandy 1000, but I thought I might be cheating with that one--it was a nostalgia find on craigslist about 6 years ago from a guy who was giving away the complete system in the box. My first comp was a Tandy and I wanted to reminisce. :)

Anyway, may the best compu-saurus win!!

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