Roccat Lights Up Gaming with $100 Isku FX Multicolor Keyboard



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Ghost XFX

Bah.... Just bought myself a Das. No, the keys don't light up (have inquired them on that topic, need more support to drum up interest!) But my Das is a Cherry MX Brown, and it rolls hard under my finger tips. Mmmmm guud...

Which brings me to this Isku FX, I saw no mention of it being mechanical. If it's going to be a true gamers board, it has to be mechanical. too much abuse on a gaming keyboard not to be. If it is (not familiar with Isku...) is it like all the others out there, where you only get one type of Cherry MX? Pretty colors don't mean jack when your keys are dead. Make it with Cherry MX switches and they might be able to sell 'em.


Led Weappelin

Yeah, it's a big keyboard alright. But it looks pretty cool. May check one of these out. I was going to get a taller desk chair anyway.



If that were any bigger you'd have to pull a site improvement permit to set it on your desk. I'm done with bulky keyboards.



It'd be neat if the colors could pulse or cycle through the spectrum, or if you can color each key separately.


Peanut Fox

This looks okay, but still not quite what I'd want to replace my 510.

Are those three little buttons on the bottom near the bottom the shift keys?



This thing looks huge, like I would need a desk the size of a billiard table to put it on. I Like the lighting system though, it looks great.

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