RoboThespian is the Future of Old-Fashioned Entertainment



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I wouldn't be so surprised if Asimov's predictions will come true in the near future. I just imagine a RoboThespian who delivers beer of the month or serves food. Of course there is a long distance between this robot and those from Asimov's imagination, but who knows what's going to be in the future.



Look at where robtics of the human emulating variety were just ten years ago.

This is yet another technology, like space flight and vehicles, that will continue to evolve as humanity continues to die and decompose. And like space flight, the dream will far outlive the pioneers to one day become rather common place and taken for granted.

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this idea is very cool to me.  i think if they make a dozen or so, they can learn to interact with each other, and maybe eventually converse and do improv together. i think that would be very fun to see.



 But did he murder him?

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