Roadmap Slide Pegs Windows 8 for 2012



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 I agree, with service pack updates we don't need a new OS every 3
years, hardware/software are advancing pretty quick but I have a hard
time believing Win7 will be so far behind the times that a SP wouldn't
bring it in line with what is current.  Then again, 6 years was WAY to
long from XP to Vista, I think that was part of the problem with Vista,
people got too comfortable with XP, to attached, that and a rocky
start, it was a good but failed OS. 4 years seems much more reasonable
with 3 or so service packs. 


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 while i agree on all your points 3 years seems fine to me. But I'm hoping they smoth out the upgrade process by 8. Oh how grand it would be to install win 8 and not have to reinstall my programs...

On a side note wasnt a MS rep quoted on twiter as "investigating 128-bit" in such  a case a new OS and a Bit increase every 3 years seems fine.

2012 - 128 bit

2015 - 256 bit

2018 - 564 bit

2021 - 728 bit

2024 - 1 Megabit!?

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 Unless they maintain 98-100% backwards compatability, 3 years is too soon. You're saying I might have to upgrade each of my programs to run on the new OS every three years. Do I want to pay for a new version of my OS and photoshop and 7 other expensive programs every three years? I don't own a Mac for a reason!


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Maybe MS should adopt smaller and more frequent updates to the OS like OSX and linux.



 Service packs...



 I totally agree.




Vista Server! Oh wait.. lol maybe they should ditch deadlines all together and worry about making something great rather than focus on when they can recoup money on the development cycle.

 The other thing i should note is that MS's technical CEO type guy was very much interested in pushing a 'cloud' OS in a Wired article this year. That could very well be it. 

Want an OS that is in the Cloud? If I read it correctly the article suggested that it is fully functional if on the internet (and your up to date on your monthly payments) but gimped if not. Interesting step but I would not be so interested to go in that direction myself...



I dont feel that Operating systems should follow the same development timeline as say video games or movies. Such as..I can see a video game having a sequel come out every 2-3 years...that makes sense, same thing for movies... but an Operating System??? I just find it hard to believe that there was THAT much more they could have done with Win7 that Win8 needs to be so soon.



So what would be the pointof Windows 8 exactly? The only reason we needed Windows 7 was because they botched up Vista. They seemed to have fixed that with Windows 7 so I have a hard time seeing a need for this.



Maybe windows 8 is the code name for the new server OS.  That seems a little more likely to me.  I'm sure by that time there could be improvements made to Windows 7.  Just by the simply fact that hardware will continue to march forward.



You sound like some XP users I know, but each to their own.



So there you have it, mark it down.  On 21 November 2009, just one month after its release, To0nces has declared that Windows 7 is the perfect operating system, and will never need to be replaced.  Congratulations everyone, you now have access to the OS you will be using on your death bed.







Hope it's before Decemeber 21st



like it matters...


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