Ripple Look Packs a HTPC into a Mac-Like Body



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 " the Ripple Look boasts an Intel Atom 230 processor"


Orrrrr just get a maci mini and reformat it for windows which has a core 2 instead of a Adumb

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Not only is HDMI missing, but it's VGA?! I would have at least expected a DVI connector.



"There aren't many power users in the PC (as in, Window's based PCs) community who will admit to wanting a Mac"

I'm surprised this type of closed minded claim about Macs is getting past the editors. 

Glad to see that Gordon still has an open mind and is still defending PC.



The title of the website and the magazine remains Maximum  "PC". If you've not figured out in less than two issues/two weeks on the site that this magazine/site reports almost completely on Windows based machines, then you've got a lot of disappointment coming your way.Linux has just recently started to be a commonly mentioned OS. 

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 Unopressed Computers (aka Windows/Linux based PC's) FTW!


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