RIM's Indonesian CEO Charged With Negligence After Black Friday Blackberry Stampede



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Company directors are responsible for criminal activities by a company. So yes he should be held responsible.



I think it was a bigger fail on the police's part and probably the store manager who didn't see this coming.



I can see it both ways. Companies should know that using these slimy business tactics is going to result in poor people rioting to get stuff for next to nothing but people should know better than to not stampede people to save a dollar.


This is why I hate WalMart. The company AND the people that shop there usually suck.



People actually stampeded for a RIM product? Amazing.



Well, businesses have been held liable for injuries stemming from marketing promotions before. That's why early riser's get a ticket if they've been sitting outside for a week. No need to bull rush the door even during Black Friday insanity (which is what protects you by showing you had foresight and took precaution). Quitting the wrist-band thing might have opened them up, but aren't limited-time, limited quantity offers still pretty commonplace?

Can the individuals even be targeted in this lawsuit if they were acting as agents of RIM? Not that I'm a legal expert.

The guys at RIM certainly have been having some pretty bad mojo lately though, that's for sure. Not that I don't feel for the trampled masses.



These so called customers are no more than soccer hooligans.

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