RIM Took a Hard Look at Android Before Forging Ahead with BlackBerry



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They still make Blackberries?



IMO, their superior hardware is limited by the inferior OS. As a business tool, the phone (physically) itself is the best available, but by adopting proprietary OS, they severely limit app development, and break their knees themselves. Some of their software decisions in user interface are frankly idiotic - and handicap the phone.

To be honest, they would probably be best served by adopting an Android OS, and taking the capital they'd spend on OS development to make a truly awesome software suite that would capitalize on their superior hardware for us business users and content generators.
Then, the market would always be there for users who need more (or want games and such distractions), and building compatible complimentary mobile systems would be a breeze.

In the end though, w/ BB10 (or whatever) they are going to continue into decline and history - If I were working at RIM, I'd be checking the job listings constantly.



Superior hardware!?!? You're joking right? Please tell me you're joking....



The problem for RIM is that while online content is designed to standards that anyone can use, the cell phone market, apps, are all built to all the flavors of OS out there. RIM has no modern ecosystem to support the OS--so while they make some decent hardware and the BB OS's have traditionally been robust... the cell phone market cannot survive on the OS alone.

My biggest concern is RIM is talking BB10 but the best OS in the world is pointless without applications and other business support. They still have an eye on how to run a company in 2000, and have no business plan (that I've seen) that does anything but market their new OS.



This is where RIM could have possibly saved themselves. By rejecting Android... They have let their pride get the best of them. They're done.



This is the nail in the coffin. History will look back and show this was the point that they could've saved themselves...... but decided against innovation.

Oh and on another note. I'm GLAD they didn't choose Android. The point of Android is to be open. RIM seeking to "differentiate" themselves in the Android pool would just lead to consumer confusing and rejection by the dev community.



I hope BB 10, Windows 8, and Android Desktop OS all premier on the same day.



I love my 8520, but have not seen any real reason to upgrade to the newer Curve or to a bold. I have been disappointed with RIM's work on Blackberry in the last couple of years. I like the hardware on Blackberry phones, especially the smarter battery charging system that prevents over charging. Android's algorithm for charging sucks.

The biggest thing I hate with most android devices is the touch screen! My wife has the Samsung Note, and even with the stylus I don't like the phone. Android as a tablet I like, but note on my phone.


Peanut Fox

When you say that you don't like the touch screen do you mean you prefer hardware buttons, or that the quality of Android touch screens isn't good enough?






It's amazing how only 4 or so years ago RIM was the king of the world. Even 3 years ago everybody was pushing me into buying a Blackberry. Wisely I didn't, but unwisely I bought a Palm Pre (loved the phone though, pity WebOS never took off).



The reason your devices don't sell, RIM, is because people don't like or want Blackberry.
What you would do if you had any business sense, is instead of clinging to your sinking ship, you would put out a cross-platform device that allows the user to experience your hardware in both blackberry and android OS', and maybe even with windows RT compatibility. Take some statistics on your user base, and see which OS actually rises to popularity. I'd wager dollars to donuts that it would be android you'd see rise above the rest.



"We took the conscious decision not to go Android. If you look at other suppliers' ability to differentiate, there's very little wiggle room,"

F^%#$^%g moron! All you needed to "differentiate" is to port you BB apps to it!
F&^%$g liar too - they just didn't want a GPL OS.

Serves them right, control freaks...

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