RIM Shows Off BlackBerry PlayBook Browser Trouncing iPad



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I can understand people's skepticism about the overall load speeds (sites geared for playbook, etc.), but if you dig down into the specs as well, they also make a difference especially these 2 things:

Processor - Note: Both are ARM-based processors, so I'm not taking architecture into consideration as each is similar, yet different in its own right.
Playbook: 1 Ghz Dual-Core
iPad: 1 Ghz Single-Core

Memory (RAM)
Playbook: 1GB
iPad: 256MB

So as you can see, that extra core and memory is probably what's helping with the faster load times. but flash will be flash and choke things a bit (especially if the developer is a sloppy coder).



Yes but the most important thing Steve Jobs learned (from Bill Gates) was this: being better doesn't matter.



Actually looks pretty good. Not too bad of a comparison.

Do wonder. Were they both on wifi or what?



In the beginning the guy says they are on the same wifi



Yes, let's see an non-biased comparision. They stuff they showed obviously favors the RIM device but I'm sure there are other areas where the ipad could have the browsing advantage.



Who put this together, RIM did, are they biased? YES! Did they likely choose sites that really show a big difference in their advantage? Yeah, but even then, no flash is no flash. Choppy is choppy, and they seem to have some real advantages in their browser.

Could some of this have to do with being a smaller screen, yeah, but would you as a customer rather have a quality top of the line 26" monitor or a 30" monitor that displays only some of what you are trying to view? IE no flash, not fast enough to run quality content.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Some of it is due to the smaller screen but all RIM did was get their hands on an iPad and find any any and all pervievable problems that they could exploit "After the iPad was already released"

If RIM and Apple were to release their next product at the same time without any advance info of their competitions product, this would be a different story

I don't like Apple products and I have never bought any, but in a fair fight, I think the outcome would be different

Just saying

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