RIM Hopes to Hold Off Shareholder Revolt with Management Shake Up



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RIM and Microsoft partnership I think would be a bold direction for RIM.  Windows phone has some good things going for it but has nowhere near the market share blackberrys do.  Add some RIM unique features and it could be a viable consumer and enterprise product.

IF rim goes android its just another phone.



Its a bit too late for RIM. Hardware wise theyre still 3 years behind....and 5 years behind in software. The only way they could stay afloat is to embrace Android now. 


Blackberry used to be relevent....but now its bargin bin stuff. 


Keith E. Whisman

I'm with you, the only thing to save the company and provide profits for the shareholders will be for them to produce a badass android phone that nobody can live without.  A business phone with all the bells and whistles and a battery only second to the iphone. Something that is so awesome that it becomes as ubiquitous as the pocket pager of the early 90's. A phone that is as pleasant as crack and as adictive as heroin.



Its not hard. Take a Bold, upgrade the screen...doesnt even have to be "HD", upgrade the camera's...build it around a OMAP 4460 with 1GB of RAM and throw stock ICS on it. Spend the rest on things that appeal to bussiness users. Oh and security, strike a deal with Lookout Mobile Security so it can come pre-installed and keep one thing BB's are known for-encryption and security.


For the mass users, do the same thing with a 4" IPS 720p(or even 4.3") screen, OMAP 4460 with ICS and use carry over all the security features from my Bold idea. Shove a 2200mAh battery in them and give them LTE with a easy LTE/CDMA toggle widget and you have instant success. 


Brain surgery indeed. 



I agree with this ^

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