RIM Gets Riled Up Over Reports It's Ditching the Consumer Market



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People are a little hard on RIM. This is a tough and unpredictable industry, and they've done a lot for it. I don't know if they'll survive, but far far far stranger things have happened. They've certainly had a bad time and made some bad decisions, but let's not pretend their fate is sealed.



RIM is toast ala Palm. In 2 years they'll probably be bought by MS or Samsung or something for a song.



Unfortunately for RIM, being in the consumer market requires the consumer market to agree, which right now isn't happening.

For an example, I'm more than willing to be in the "poop in a sock" market and sell it for $200, but since I haven't found anyone to pay for such a product yet, I'm not in that consumer market.



RIM may not be exiting the consumer market, but the consumers are making a beeline towards more capable devices. For the record, I do use a Blackberry, but most everyone I know has traded theirs in for an Android device, or iPhone. RIM needs to get with the program before it is too late. If the enterprises move away from them they are sunk.



The did get with the only program available to them for the product they offer: the fail boat.

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