RIM Confirms More BlackBerry Issues, Currently Investigating Cause



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No worries RIM, I didn't think you had any customers anyway?



By this Monday, my Blackberry will be no longer be used as smart phone. I might keep it just as an MP3 player for my wife or something. But I hate the thing. I always have stupid issues with the apps locking up. Everytime I see a new app created, there is an app for iPhone and Android but no BB. RIM is garbage and I can't wait to say goodby to it.



I think Blackberry's need to die. They are so beefy.



RIM was late with the announcement, as this current outage started 2 days ago. Part of the issue from what I understand, was with a Time-Warner outage that led to the RIM network outage.


Holly Golightly

Ugh, it feels like someone cast a spell on RIM. It seems that bad things are happening back to back to a point it feels unreal. What RIM needs now is new management. If they can't get their act straight, they will fail. Which is sad because we need more competition and what we have simply isn't enough.

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