RIM Announces BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet



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But is it magical ? Apple told me the ipad was magical. And I need the wi-fi's. I want the bigger GB's too.    * smirk*

 Really though, it does look nice with some great features and hardware too.



I agree that the bezel looks rather big but it really looks promising. There is no mention of battery life and can the battery be changed if you have need to replace it with a fully charged one. Also, is the screen overly glossy? Have you ever tried to read a glossy screen in bright light?



That actually looks like a GREAT tablet! And I came from the Storm (now on happy with my Droid X).

The OS looks slick, the hardware is great, and... its made by a big company.

Looks very attractive, but has an Apple-ish bezel (GIANT!) and will probably fail in the app department... But maybe not--who knows?


And I don't quite understand "teh media department..."



Looks good though... And I thought RIM was about to die...

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