RIM Altering Its PlayBook Strategy, Willing to Give This Low Cost Tablet Thing a Second Look



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Let's not forget that RIM needs to work on other things besides the outstanding email/calender/contacts support.  There's the issue of no audio stream capability over bluetooth and a myriad of quality issues that stick out like a sore thumb.



There is nothing under-featured about them, come February they will have email/calendar and contact client. People who make comments like you do, do not realized why RIM made the decision to release the Playbook without the email client. Their core business is enterprise, and their core service is providing email push using BES server software. The Playbook uses a completely new OS, QNX, that would not "talk" to their BES server software. They could have released the Playbook with an email client, but the you risk alienating your client base, as it would not be supported by BES. That is what the software update in February addresses, as RIM has resolved the issue with QNX and BES.



So, in essence, they're sitting on a ton of these underfeatured notebooks (which usually translates into meaning they can't sell them) and their master plan is simply to step up advertising?

I am reminded of the humorous attempts at hawking Windows Vista once it became clear to consumers what a miserable failure it was. I wonder how many copies of Vista were being sat upon during those days?

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