'RickRoll' Songwriter Only Made $16 from YouTube



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I don't understand how this is Google's fault. I mean, he didn't ever make an agreement with Google directly himself, he has a publisher that is supposed to collect royalties for him, and he made agreements with them. If they made agreements with Google that don't pay much money, or more likely, they end up keeping most of the money instead of passing it along, I don't see how that is Google's responsibility. His contracts were probably written in such a way that internet revenue pays out a tiny tiny amount, and it isn't in the interests of the publisher to renegotiate.



"We previously had a license with teh PRS to enable this to happen and
we are very committed to reaching terms so that we can renew our

 "teh PRS"

Nice "typo" =)



Anyone else dissapointed that the above link didnt take you to a Rickroll vid?? lol



Whiney little bitch, I don't get paid for work I did 20 years ago, so why the hell should he?  This kinda crap pisses me off, this kind of attitude is why the content industry has pushed copyright to ridiculous extremes, and why these jerkoffs sit around like beggars with their hands held out instead of making innovative new stuff.  And yes, you can tell the twit I said that if you see him.



He doesn't need the money. He's made a fortune from writing mass produced pop songs and producing generic pop stars. They didn't call him "The Hitman" for nothing.



I understand that it sucks as he was expecting to get more out of the coverage, but wow, having read the article where he compares himself to a migrant worker in Dubai is a bit much seeing as how he COwrote this 20 years ago. I mean, he might have worked at most a month on this with someone else and then sold it to a record company. Talk about resting on you laurels.



If he wants more money, perhaps he should offer to have that song removed from the internet.  I imagine people would be lining up with chequebooks in hand.




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